Seven Successful Liver Transplant Operation Carried out at SIUT


Karachi: Successful, living donor liver transplant of seven patients was performed at the SIUT (Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation) during last week, said an official press statement on Wednesday.

The surgeries were jointly performed by two visiting surgeons from Iran with their three counterparts from the SIUT.

The press release said that the Iranian surgeons from Shiraz visited the SIUT and carried out similar surgeries.

“All the surgeries which were performed were free of cost, as a part of the institute philosophy to provide all treatment ‘free with dignity’.”

The statement said that the patients included two minors with the age group ranging between 10 and 11 while remaining patients were adults.

“All the patients represented low income group who had traveled from Southern Punjab, Balochistan and interior Sindh. They were in no position to bear the heavy cost of liver transplant surgeries privately,” said the press release.


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