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:AbdulKhalique Ali:

The roars of Nawaz Shareef returning back the political arena would be a concern for them who prefer to play in an open play field without a strong opponent.  Predictions of him of not coming back and requesting for a political Asylum were on the dialect of those whose desire is that Politics should only be commenced as dictated.

Their frame of mind can easily be detected by watching specific TV shows every night who receive a script and the list of guests to be invited from the presumed real powers. The organizations that have a reputation of being as independent as they can in this environment are not identified as the ones who cater National interest. These two big groups are totally banned not only in cantonments but where ever the power hub has is monopoly.The allegations which are being leveled against the Shareef Family resemble the ones which were leveled against Benazir Bhutto in her life time when she was in power by Nawaz Shareef and his associates and we have a history of these allegations specially corruption charges being leveled against every populist civilian leader in power , giving an impression that the hub of the gripe has always been the same , just the tools have been replaced .

The previous tool Nawaz Shareef had started to grown and initiated to demand privilege beyond his set capacity, which can always be devastating when an alternate arrangement is available to the architects.  Nawaz is in this allusion that he might initiate a movement that would curtail the powers of the mighty and the vigorous . This objective has already left two former Premiers dead and people like Motarma Fatima Jinnah , Hassan Shaeed , Khawaja , Nazimuddin  leveled as traitors .The power hub is now using Imran Khan as their new creation to level the same allegations against the Shareef family as it has previously used the Shareefs to counter their scorns . The Shareef’s might have been involved in Corruption but that’s not what’s  pricking the arch .  Moral corruption is much more dangerous that financial corruption which has always been the core of all power full organizations civil and military both . The military bureaucracy uses the civil for its desires and in return awards them with lucrative posts as a reward for their loyalty .  Rao Anwar’s case is a clear example of the leverage given to their royals . Acceptance of his bail in the next few months would be clear indication of the advantage loyal servants receive.
Naqeebullah murder case: Constable Shakil, member of suspended SP Rao Anwar team arrestedBesides many others Riaz Malik is another classical example of the Loyal club whose purse has always been open for the masters . Many retired and on service senior  officers are serving him, Gen Mussaraf’s son Bilal was a director in his company and used to receive regular perks even though he was living in the US . Malik Riaz’s front man Taji Khokar is involved in the brutal killings of many innocents who refused to vacate the desired lands by the Malik Mafia , among the killed are five women of whom four were old widows , Malik Riaz left alone even the his front men cannot be convicted from the courts whose chief justice is busy in inspecting hospitals .
PML –N has a majority Government in Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baldistan whose people have chosen to live with us despite many reservations. Conviction of their leader whom the majority of the population of that region thinks is a punishment for disobedience, a sentiment very dangerous for Pakistan with in the current scenario as we are lacking the support of the international community in many vital forms . We should not forget the importance of the geopolitical situation where these two regions lye , our enemies would not let any chance go by if handed over in a plate .

Our tragedy this that we have learnt nothing from the separation of East Pakistan rather the functionaries have come up with a lot of illusory logic’s that we just couldn’t live together  for a zillion reasons , forgetting different ethnic identities living together in harmony in different parts of the world , just equal treatment is required .

History has lessons to be learned from , but unfortunately people sitting on the TV screens from 7 to 11 PM just want o focus on what should be fed to distract the general public from the facts .


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